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Eating and Health plans tailored to the individual -

Eating disorders can lead to more problems than simply being overweight. Poor diet can affect the quality of your skin to your general mood and your everyday energy.

Eating correctly might mean something different to you than it would to someone else, but on a genetic level that might be truer than you think.

Being overweight means that our stomachs are used to the amount of high quantity food consumed on a daily basis and the metabolism will only be stimulated if the stomach is full. You will start developing cravings for sugar and carbohydrates if your daily food consumption is not balanced because your metabolism's need is still high and cannot provide the necessary energy your body requires to function sufficiently.

Our qualified therapist specialize in Weight Loss Diet Programs and Treatments, Leaving You feeling great on the inside and out.

Potch Diet Clinic and Beauty Salon is all about Body Soul & Mind to help each individual to achieve their Slimming and Weight Loss goals.

At Potch Diet Clinic and Beauty Salon it’s not just about losing weight, but also feeling good, more energetic and healthy about yourself

View our Slimming Tips  to assist you in reaching your goals!





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