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Slimming Tips

Eat slowly and you'll eat less
Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls, sip water with your meals and take smaller bites. It takes a while for your body to recognize that it's had enough food - the slower you can eat, the less you'll want. Don't feel like you have to "clean your plate" especially when you're eating restaurant-sized portions.

Visualise how you're going to look
When you reach your slimming goal; What will you be doing? How will you feel? What clothes will be in your wardrobe?

Don't go shopping
When you're hungry – if you buy it, you'll most likely end up eating it. Most of us hate throwing food away.

Get some exercise
Successful slimmers tend to make exercise part of their plan. It doesn't have to be hard – even 20-30 minutes of fairly brisk walking a day will pay dividends. Add two weekly sessions of resistance training (which helps you burn more calories even whilst you're asleep) and you'll be looking great that much quicker. Every little helps – look for opportunities to be more active in your daily life.

Reward yourself
Give yourself a treat for each kilogram and centimetre you lose. New clothes make a great incentive when you're slimming – you could put Rx per Kg lost into a secret stash!

• The desire to lose weight and re-shape comes from within.
• Stop the ‘blame game’.
• Avoid frequent ‘food-failure’ events.
• Surround yourself with positive people.
• Reward yourself!
• Remember: You determine the pantry and refrigerator content.
• Your Direction in life (not your Intention) determines your Destination.
• Maintaining your ideal body weight is a balancing act between food consumption and calories needed
•by the body for energy. You are what you eat is the proverbial cliché but the kinds and amounts of food
•you eat (quality-quantity-principle) affect your ability to maintain your ideal weight long term.

The following principles would be recommended as a guideline:
• Eat a variety of foods. Low caloric meal plans that are well balanced.
• Balance your input (amount of food you consume) with your output (physical activity) – this remains
• pivotal to weight maintenance long-term.
• Choose a diet moderate in grain products, vegetables and fruits, but don’t skip your proteins!
• Choose a diet low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol - preferably fat free options.
• Choose a diet moderate in low GI sugars - like Xylitol.
• Choose a diet moderate in salt and sodium intake.

Should you drink alcoholic beverages, again do so in moderation. Excessive alcohol intake delays weight loss and retards muscle growth.

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