Xtreme Slimming Tonic

Xtreme Slimming Tonic

ZAR 350.00


Regulates sugar absorption 
Suppress appetite
Increase energy levels
Promotes brain health and focus
Stimulate conversion of fat to energy
Provide insane sustained energy all day
Destroy cravings
Stabilize blood sugar
Reduce cortisol levels
Support stress response
Support thyroid function


Drink 10 ml in the morning when you wake up and 10 ml before 2PM

If you haven’t used any diet products in the last 6 months or if you suffer with high blood pressure use as follow:

  • Day 1: 5ml morning and afternoon
  • Day 2: 10ml morning 5 ml afternoon
  • Day 3: 10ml morning 10ml afternoon


Pregnant & breast-feeding women