DermaFix RegenerateRX

DermaFix RegenerateRX

ZARĀ 585.00

Regenerate RX is a highly effective complex containing epidermal growth factors, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory healing oils and protein stimulating glycosaminoglycans from plants. The elastin stimulator supports cell migration, metabolism, growth and repair.

Specifically used for the prevention of blotchy skin, spider veins, scars, bruises, dry and ageing skin. Containing essential fatty acids and vitamins in a non-greasy formula, Regenerate Rx is absorbed immediately, leaving the skin protected, soft and supple.


Contains 25 active compounds that promote wound healing and contains antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Thickens epidermis, improves blood circulation, elasticity and cell growth thereby normalizing and improving skin texture.
Vit E moisturises from within, decreasing dry, rough and damaged skin.
Vit K stimulates epithelial growth and promotes healthy granulation and clarification of damaged skin tissue. Vit K can eliminate spider- veins and keep them from recurring with continued use.
Reduces stretch marks, scars, bruises age spots and blotchy skin.
Features geranium and jojoba oil which soothes and is effective against dry eczema and psoriasis.