DermaFix Bio-Hydrating Cream

DermaFix Bio-Hydrating Cream

ZARĀ 485.00

Bio-Hydrating cream is a highly effective lightweight emollient, moisturising and rejuvenating cream. It is a great all-round moisturiser ideally suited for dehydrated skin. It leaves skin soft and glowing. Excellent results are achieved when used with our skin care boosters. It contains the finest natural moisturizers: Sodium PCA, and Hyaluronic Complex (Mucopolysaccharides), as well as Marine Collagen, Elastin, and Seaweed extracts. This cream acts against skin dehydration and effectively helps to improve firmness.

Bio-Hydrating Cream's proprietary blend of peptides accelerates collagen and elastin synthesis to further reduce the formation of lines and wrinkles.


Moisturises, rejuvenates and repairs barrier protection.
Acts against dehydration.
Hyaluronic Acid increases natural moisturising factors and reduces fine lines.
Effectively helps to improve skin firmness.
Aloe vera extracts calm inflammation.
Peptides accelerate collagen and elastin production to further reduce the formation of lines and wrinkles.